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What’s shaking?

July 24, 2012

Greetings and salutations LegumePeeps.

It has been a lengthy sojourn between posts of late. We do apologise for that but unfortunately our yaks are insistant and will not milk themselves. To make up for this lack of communication, the Legumites are very pleased to put forth this missive chock full of news, juicy goss and the sort of rumour-mongering that caused Smash Hits to label us, “utilitarian in their approach to falsehood”.

With only one further ado shall we get down to it?




In uber behind the times news, a hearty congratulation goes out to our favourite trailer wrangler,  Brett McBean.  As the subheading suggests, his wonderful book, TALES OF SIN AND MADNESS, took out the AHWA’s Shadow Award for best collection in 2011.

Details on other winners and honourable mentions and whatnot can be found on the AHWA website

If you want to partake in the award winning goodness, here are some links where you can acquire this gem.

Print:    Amazon  Barnes & Noble     Leguman Site              

eBook: Kindle  Nook  Smashwords






The preliminary voting for the 2012 Wonderland awards has now opened. The award promotes the finest in Bizarro fiction and Matthew Revert’s THE TUMOURS MADE ME INTERESTING is eligable for nomination this year.  Needless to say we believe this would be a very worthy recipient of said award and would urge everyone else on the planet to agree with us. Once you have, go and vote so it can wangle its way onto the final ballot.

Details on how to vote can be found at Bizarrocentral.

To find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Matthew Revert check out his website. The goss on Tumours can be found by clicking the below cover.




A couple of new reviews have surfaced for books of the Legume:

Firstly Andrew Gallacher’s Snake Jaw receives some love from Gabino Iglesias over at Horror Talk

Then GN Braun’s HAMMERED gets a brief write up from the Bendigo Weekly

Remember if you are interested in reviewing a LegumeMan title just drop us a line. Details at the website.




It is always exciting to sign on the dotted line. LegumeMan is very happy to announce the addition of two more books to its stable.

Coming Latish in 2013 will be ANTIPALADIN BLUES by none other than the irrepressible Jess Gulbranson (Author of 10 A BOOT…) and TOPSIDERS by newcomer Scott Tyson.  More info to follow but, for now,  let’s focus on our roars of congratulations and ensure our victory lunges are in unison.




At some point in the next couple of days the latest addition to the free series should go live on the LegumeMan site. Here’s a little taster. Keep those peepers peeled. ‘Tis a story that is sure to delight.




We are still hard at work on our next few releases. TV SNORTED MY BRAIN by Bradley Sands & PENETRALIA by Jordan Krall. Both should be rolling in the not too distant future so start saving your pennies now.


So there you have it. News a gogo. Consider yourself up to date with the LegumeVerse as it currently stands. For now we shall bid you a fond adieu in the hopes that there won’t be quite so long a wait between posts. Really there shouldn’t be. We did fuckstab most of the yaks.

Let the night be,
The Brothers Gunther

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