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Got ‘Lach?

May 10, 2012

Stupendously grand news, folk! We haven’t been this excited since our last attempt to milk a cow ended in spontaneous udder combustion. We are very happy little Legumemites to announce that the latest installment in the Gerlach Library has been released. LegumeMan Books presents a brand spanking new edition of LAKE MOUNTAIN for your  visual-reading* pleasure!


At Lake Mountain, Death is only the beginning…

Her name is Raven…Raven – a bird of large size, with black lustrous plumage and raucous voice, who feeds chiefly on carrion or other flesh. The Raven is mischievous and thievish, and is regarded as an evil omen and of mysterious character. Quick-sighted, sagacious and bold, Ravens take away by force; to seize or divide and spoil. They plunder. They devour voraciously; feed hungrily or greedily; they prey on or upon. Her friend is Amber… Thrown out of home by her alcoholic father, and with no place to stay, Raven is the only friend Amber has. Raven takes her in and lets her stay in her small trailer at the Pine Hill Trailer Park. Amber relies on Raven, she needs her, she can’t live without her… But then there’s the body. And the need to flee… And the road to Lake Mountain is their only hope of escape. Until they meet Tyler…and everything changes. For their destinies lie along the long, lonely track to Lake Mountain. It’s gonna be one hell of a road-trip…

Steve Gerlach’s Lake Mountain. Because after death, only love remains…

‘Tis available at the usual haunts. Scope the LegumeMan Website for details, then buy large and often.

Let the night be,
The Brothers Gunther

*LegumeMan does not hold with the new “suppository style” of reading extolled by such mavericks as Ambling Hymen. We believe rectal absortion of knowledge is a fallacy and nothing but pain and heartbreak will accompany the insertion of Lake Mountain into the anus.  

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