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John’s World has dawned.

April 24, 2013

Greetings you devils.

When we were but babes of eighty-six we were put in the care of our twelve-year-old great-uncle, allowing our parents to focus on improving their abhorrent Yahtzee skills.  This stately fellow had been christened Stanley but insisted we refer to him as the Flange Train — the name, he claimed, had been gifted him by the very same time-travelling plumber who wreaked such havoc on our family line. In his telling, the moniker had been chosen to represent not only his strength and stability, but also his uncanny ability to mimic a steam engine. A skill that came in handy of an evening when it came time to herd us rickety scamps to bed. Resisting the urge to board the Flange Train was an impossibility. In no time at all we’d be tucked up, snug as a bug, while he read to us from the back of our favourite vinegar bottle, enraptured until our weariness grew overpowering and we’d drift off into increasingly malodorous fart-snoring.

It was a wonderful time for us. A period we recall with such wistfulness that we often insert it into unrelated blog posts.

LegumeMan Books is positively bursting with excitement to announced that our next release John’s World has ventured forth into the world.


“Three months have passed since the apocalypse ripped through his world, destroying everything he’d ever loved. For Dave Thomas things have gone from bad to worse to truly bizarre. Imprisoned in the ridiculous lair of the powerful creature called John, forced to watch as he morphs the remains of Earth into an abomination, Dave’s life has become a downward spiral of surreal misery which is only getting stranger.”

JOHN’S WORLD is available to purchase now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.



And also over at Smashwords for those other eformats:

Let the night be,
The Brothers Gunther.

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