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Belated new year greetings…

February 5, 2013

Hello wonderful followers of Legume.

There are exciting things afoot at Legume HQ at the moment, let us tell you! Not only are we pleased to have added two new books to our stables but we have so much exciting stuff on the horizon that 2013 promises to be even more of an uber LegumeFest than 2012.

First and foremost a big hurrah is in order as Brett McBean’s “Buk and Jimmy Go West” and Steve Gerlach’s “Autopsy 2: Darkness Burning” (click on the covers below for more info) have now been unleashed upon the world. If you haven’t already brought them then I’d be concerned and immediately rectify that situation. (Seriously. People will die and shit if you don’t).

Secondly we got a whole bunch of other new stuff that’ll be coming this year.

As a bit of a taste…


Coming Up:

That slack fucker R Frederick Hamilton has finally gotten off his arse and delivered the manuscript for Should Have Killed the Kid’s sequel, “John’s World”, which should be seeing the light of day in the not too distant future.

After which we’ll be delighted to unleash the beast that is Jess Gulbranson’s “Antipaladin Blues”. A glorious antihero in a fantasy world that warps genre conventions.

Then there is volume 3 of the Gerlach Library, “The Nocturne”, coming your way. Small town horror done just right.

Then from newcomer Scott Tyson we’ll be dropping “Topsiders”. A novella of subterranean terror that’ll have you on the edge of your reading seats.

Plus maybe one or two surprises along the way.

And we are also still open to submissions so who knows what may turn up in the interim.

Speaking of which.



We have been inundated with submissions but are endeavoring to read through them as quickly as possible. The first round of rejections has started so you may be receiving emails soon/already received them. Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far and for those who haven’t please do. We’re particularly interested in seeing some more subs from female authors out there as it has turned into quite the sausage fest at LegumeMan of late and we’d like to rectify that.



A bunch of review love for various LegumeBooks has appeared around the traps. We’d like to take a moment to say thanks to each and every reviewer who has taken the time to read and comment. We appreciate it in plain creepy ways and rest assured if we had any spare doves we’d gift you one.

If anyone is interested in reviewing any past or present LegumeMan titles contact us at and we can hook you up. Although, as noted above, reward doves are in short supply we still might be able to rustle up a grackle or two to sling your way.


Finally, and most importantly, belated new year greetings all around and thank you to each and every Legumite who continues to support us. It is appreciated and we look forward to bringing you more fine fiction this year.

Let the Night Be,
The Brothers Gunther

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