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Penetralia has been released.

November 29, 2012



Jordan Krall’s long-awaited ‘Penetralia’ is finally upon us!

Many Legume readers will be familiar with Krall’s (increasingly prolific) output along with the development of his style. Krall made a name for himself with a number of Bizarro books released via Eraserhead Press. His early books, while possessing the unmistakable ‘Krall vibe’, were (for want of a better term) traditional Bizarro and relied on high concepts. With the release of ‘Beyond the Valley of the Apocalypse Donkeys’ on Copeland Valley in 2011, a new Krall emerged. While no less weird than his overtly Bizarro releases, this new style took place in a more recognisable world and explored human psychology in a deeply uncomfortable way. This is the trajectory Krall has maintained and refined throughout each book since.

Penetralia may be Krall’s darkest book to date. Using the cult films of Andy Milligan as inspiration, the world depicted in ‘Penetralia’ is a deeply disturbing book that won’t soon be forgotten. Krall is becoming a modern day Barry Malzberg and J.G Ballard, and it is a pleasure to be a part of this journey.

The stunning cover art was provided by LegumeMan favourite artist, Andrew Gallacher.


In the attic of his family home, Philip tortures abducted men in search of enlightenment. Using the knowledge left by his father, the Plague Doctor, he seeks to unlock the secrets of the universe, but weakness of the flesh won’t be ignored. The sordid overtures of his nymphomaniac sister, combined with his own perverse desires, soil his subjects before revelation can be found.

Now the return of Philip’s father is imminent. Judgment is at hand, and if the fate of his mother taught him anything, it’s that one mustn’t disappoint the Plague Doctor.

You can pick yourself up a copy of Penetralia from…

Kindle Smashwords
Let the Night be,
The Brothers Gunther.


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