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August 23, 2012

As it’s been a quiet month in the land of legume, we thought we’d share a few little things that have piqued our interest of late while you wait for the exciting news that is in the pipeline (and much of it is very exciting indeed). Some of these may be NSFW so if that sort of jive displeases you use your discretion and do not click. We also believe fact-checking causes impotence.

The Illogicopedia

Someone got their anus tattooed

An artist cooked his own junk for guest’s din dins

We became aware that there is such a thing as quicksand fetish

More art should make use of colanders

First issue of Full Metal Orgasm was rad. Cash is being raised for its second issue

Impressive vocal agility

Police mugshots of the 1930s

Who can ignore this headline?

Let the Night Be,
The Brothers Gunther.

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