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July 31, 2012

A collection of links relating to us/the extended Legume family/things we think are rad.


The AHWA has released issue 7 of Midnight Echo and GN Braun has nabbed a slot inside with his tale Brand New Day. Details can be found here


Garrett Cook, author extraordinaire, appears to no longer be satisfied with only being an author extraordinaire. He has formed a band to make some of that music folks speak of. Mayonnaise Jenkins and the Former Kings of the Delta Blues is their name. Find and like them on Facebook and you can get the hot news when the record drops

Also, in case he gets bored with all that, he has a hand in getting a new mag off the ground. Imperial Youth Review. Details:


Congratulations go to Brett McBean on the release of his new book, The Awakening. It was published by Tasmaniac and, we believe, a pre-publication sellout. We only post about it here to gloat that we managed to snag a copy. Shameful we know. But look how majestic it appears as it oversees the construction of our ceremonial loin clothes.


Soon to be Legumite Jordan Krall has released a whole bunch of kindle books in the last little spell. Below are the links to a couple of the latest, NIGHTMARES FROM A LOVECRAFTIAN MIND and NEWLY SHAVEN SAINT. A sane person would purchase them.


Have spare time? Go here and bask in the majesty of some truly bizarre comic book covers. If only life contained so many expository outbursts…


Kickstarter. ‘Tis a concept that divides. However we cannot pass up the opportunity to draw attention to this:

Someone  is trying to raise the dosh to make a short film of Edward Lee’s THE BIGHEAD! Give them money. It is a worthy cause. If you are not familiar with Edward Lee and/or the Bighead you probably should be.



If only everything in life was so beautiful.


Let the Night Be,
The Brothers Gunther

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