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May 1, 2012

A collection of links relating to us/the extended Legume family/things we think are rad.


GN Braun and his memoir HAMMERED gets a write up in the Bendigo Advertiser. Read it here .


And while we’re on the topic of GN Braun, the Latest Midnight Echo has been unveiled and check out who gets a cover mention.

Want to check it out? Why not pick up subscription to this fine magazine of horror fiction. There are subscription deals a go go at the Midnight Echo website. Also you might want to follow Midnight Echo on twitter (@midnightechomag) or facebook   as there are often special deals and whatnot announced there.


The latest installment of Brett McBean’s Jungle trilogy has gone up for preorder over at Tasmaniac Publications.  Suburban Jungle is its name and judging by the strength of the previous two entries in this series – Concrete Jungle and Neighbourhood Jungle (which incidentally features a short from LegumeMan author R Frederick Hamilton) –  this book should be the epitome of awesome. Check it out at the Tasmaniac website .


A fantastic new blog Mondo Exploito has been started by LegumeMan’s Matthew Revert and a couple of the gents from over at Pleasant Productions, Dave Jackson and Pierre (who are also responsible for the awesome shows Fever Dreams and Gav’s Garden which can be found here).

In their own words

Mondo Exploito is a dissection of the side of cinema that most film scholars prefer to ignore. This blog delves deep into stinking celluloid crevices in search of the bizarre, the sick, the violent, the absurd, the stupid and, of course, the exploitative. These are movies that are universally ignored, occasionally reviled and often beloved by tiny sects of fruit loops. The films explored on Mondo Exploito come from all over the world and range from the most twisted Asian and European nasties to the gentlest of PG monster movies. Mondo Exploito is not here to critique. It is here to salivate over the exploitative excesses of cinema’s shame.

Check it out. ‘Tis choice. As is this fantastic cover that Pierre (who is also quite the talented artist – check out his work here) did for LegumeMan’s upcoming release of Bradley Sand’s TV SNORTED MY BRAIN.


These are rad


Garrett Cook, author of the sublime ARCHELON RANCH, has a few bits and bobs floating around at the moment.

His story, The Remorseful Hatchet, here

An article on Bizarro Central here

A story on Bizarrocast here

And yet another story is available in this here publication 


More LegumeMan eBooks are going cheap for a limited time. Buy ’em. It makes the world smile. 99c a pop.


And in a matter of days, LegumeMan’s latest should be hitting the usual spots.  Keep an eye out for this cover.

Let the night be,
The Brothers Gunther

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