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Tales from the Vinegar Wasteland is out!

April 15, 2012

Salutations LegumePeeps.

The LegumeTrain keeps on rolling. The Brothers Gunther are exceedingly pleased to announce another addition to our Catalogue, Ray Fracalossy’s TALES FROM THE VINEGAR WASTELAND. Originally released back in 2005(ish) by the excellent (though now sadly no longer active) Afterbirth Books, Tales is a downright classic of absurdist literature. Upon reading, it immediately wangled itself deep into the hearts of us here at Legume HQ and when we heard the devastating news that this fine tome would be going out of print, we couldn’t help but scream in heartfelt unison.

“IT CAN’T BE SO!” We bellowed and a montage of epic proportions swiftly followed. Backed by Richard Marx’s HAZARD, we scrambled to bake enough quince tarts to see us through the arduous task that was to come. For in that instant we had decided.

LegumeMan Books did not wish to live in a world where such a fine book was not easily available. And since our immediate suicide pact only resulted in excessive flatulence, we decided that it might be simpler to just re-release the book in a brand-spanking new edition that features fresh cover art by the sexual chocolate that is Matthew Revert, and some bonus, never before published stories .

The result is something we are very chuffed with. Very chuffed indeed.

Feast your eyes on this puppy and head on over to the LegumeMan website to find out how you can make it your very own:

One part surrealistic farce, one part psychotic hallucination, this story begins with a visit from a friend, Anton, who has been slowly losing his face. Next, meet Gregory, whose home now includes a non-existing room. Add in a neighbor who screams for no apparent reason, the joys of purchasing photographs of events that never happened, and attempts to read the book, What You’ll Never Finish, and you might begin to fathom this journey that describes the circle of life and death, isolation and romantic infatuation, and the discovery of who, or what, God really is. Like a modern day Alice in Wonderland for grown-ups.

Let the night be,
The Brothers Gunther

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