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Project A47 is nearly complete, Within His Reach is now within yours and Hammered has a regional release! Not to mention a preview of something coming soon!

April 9, 2012

Hello followers of Legume.

To say it has been busy of late does not do justice to epic whirlwind of action that has gripped LegumeMan HQ. Additional staff have been hired, fresh equipment has been installed to replace the burnt  out old, and many coffees have fueled many all-nighters as we all united to race the deadlines.

When it was first conceived, project A47 was more of a pipedream than a reality. Yet another item to be added to the “wishlist” that us here at LegumeMan occasionally spit ball. That is why we are now rosy cheeked with pride to be able to announce it is finally nearing completion. Despite what the naysayers predicted, we are proud to finally unveil the first hint of the majesty that is project A47. Below is a glimpse of this epic project that we are confident will etch the name LegumeMan into the tree trunk of history forever more.


More details will be coming soon. To say we are excited about finally unleashing this epic project is an understatement!


And in equally exciting news, despite the sheer man hours involved in the completion of Project A47, LegumeMan has managed to squeeze in some other work too. The result is the eBook release of the irrepressible Steve Gerlach’s WITHIN HIS REACH. Scope the goss at the LegumeMan Website


Pick it up now on kindle or other formats at smashwords. You won’t be disappointed. But if our word is not enough and you need more convincing, check out the quote from Cemetary Dance.

“Gerlach has hit it out of the ball park with ‘Within His Reach'”
-Cemetary Dance


Hammered: Memoir of An Addict has got off to a flying start! If you head over to the website and scroll through the news items you can see some very jovial photos of the Melbourne launch held at the brilliant Notions Unlimited Bookshop. To keep the momentum rolling, a second launch is being held in GN Braun’s home town of Bendigo.

Details are:

When: Saturday 14th April, 2012
Where: Best Community Development, 26-28 St Andrews Avenue, Bendigo
Time: 5pm – 7pm

Hope to see you peeps there!


And finally keep those peepers open for the immanent release of this little beauty that should be hitting the usual spots in the next few days.

Even our actions stations have action stations at the moment.

Let the night be,
The Brothers Gunther

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