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This is a blog conducted by LegumeMan Books for the purposes of research into the thoroughly known

November 21, 2011

Some of you hardcore LegumeFans may recall a charmingly aimless blog that went by the name ‘LegumeSluts’, which existed toward the beginning of our existence. Like most blogs out there, it fell by the wayside and was eventually occupied by Soviet spies and used to attack government computers with bots. Ill-equipped to handle the responsibility of blog ownership, LegumeMan as a whole moved away from such activities and went back to posting newsletters on school notice boards.

But a new dawn is upon us! LegumeMan Books has been birthed anew. We have a consistent message and a basic understanding of how WordPress works. So welcome to our new, hopefully more focused and frequently updated, blog. This will be a much more immediate mode of disseminating information than our website, which we typically only update following the release of a new book. If you want to be clued up on the minutiae of our happenings, look no further. We may even make it worth your while.

So scratch the address of this blog into the screens of your monitors and stop by from time to time. We think you’ll be happy you did.

Let the night be,
The Brothers Gunther

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